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Robertson Metal Depots offers a wide variety of panels and products including customized flashing, color matched trim and fasteners giving your project a polished complete look.  Whether you are looking for concealed or exposed fastener panels we have a wide variety to choose from.  Please review the selection of metal panels below to find the width and profile that meet the desired look you are trying to achieve.  Another important resource available is our panel selection chart.  This easy to use chart allows you to quickly and easily compare panels based on their potential application.

Storage and Handling of Bundles
NOTICE: The bundle must be inspected and carrier advised immediately if damage is noted. If water is permitted to enter the bundle, it is necessary to open bundle, separate material and dry all surfaces.
Protect sheets while nestled in bundles:
  1. Store bundled sheets off the ground sufficiently high to allow air circulation beneath bundle and to prevent rising water from entering the bundle. Slightly elevate one end of the bundle.
  2. Prevent rain from entering bundle by covering with a tarpaulin, making provision for air circulation between draped edges of tarpaulin and the ground.
  3. Prolonged storage of sheets in a bundle is not recommended. If conditions do not permit immediate erection, extra care should be taken to protect sheets from white rust or water marks.
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