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Do you need more storage space? Call or come in today and order a high-quality Classic Steel Building.

These affordable, low-maintenance steel buildings are designed and manufactured for quick installation so you can enjoy your own building almost immediately.

Available in a wide assortment of sizes, the buildings are designed to meet your local building codes and the bolt-together design simplifies installation. There is no welding required – all bolts and fasteners needed to install the entire structure are included.

There will be three sets of erection drawings with each building. Permit sealed drawings are available upon request.

A Classic Steel Building offers the strength of steel and the knowledge that virtually 100% of the metal used in steel construction is recyclable. A low-maintenance steel roof will protect your contents and wood rot will never be a problem.

Order your own Classic Steel Building today!
  Classic Steel Building
Available in two standard sizes
25´ W x 25' L x 12' H or 20´W x 25´L x 12´H

• Light gauge steel framing at 5' centers
• Building length may be increased in 5' modules
• 26-gauge PBR roof & wall panel in a selection of colors
• Sealed engineered drawings
• 4:12 roof pitch
• DBCI 2500 Series roll-up door
• Framed 12' x 10' opening in one end wall
• 3' x 7' man door (hardware included)
Storage and Handling of Bundles

NOTICE: The bundle must be inspected and carrier advised immediately if damage is noted. If water is permitted to enter the bundle, it is necessary to open bundle, separate material and dry all surfaces.
Protect sheets while nestled in bundles:
  1. Store bundled sheets off the ground sufficiently high to allow air circulation beneath bundle and to prevent rising water from entering the bundle. Slightly elevate one end of the bundle.

  2. Prevent rain from entering bundle by covering with a tarpaulin, making provision for air circulation between draped edges of tarpaulin and the ground.

  3. Prolonged storage of sheets in a bundle is not recommended. If conditions do not permit immediate erection, extra care should be taken to protect sheets from white rust or water marks.
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